First assignment – People @ Work

Gemma Spice - Wardrobe @ English National Ballet

Caitlin Barrow, Paxton & Whitfield, Jermyn Street, London

Jon Spencer - Last Maker @ Foster & Son, Jermyn Street, London

So first assignment for my MA coursework completed!

I found the tight brief quite restricting compared to how I normally work (50mm fixed lens, 400asa, no flash, b&w only) but having to work around these restraints was a refreshing exercise in problem solving, thinking on your feet and being creative with what you have to work with.  Ideally, I would have preferred to work with a wider lens and a kiss of flash or at least a faster asa (if not using any flash) but hey I like a challenge!

Many thanks to Gemma Spice at English National Ballet, Caitlin Barrow at Paxton & Whitfield and Jon Spencer at Foster & Son for their time and patience during each of the photoshoots.

2 Comments to “First assignment – People @ Work”

  1. truly beautiful images Tracey, well done!

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