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February 28, 2011

A Taste of Tango @ Pineapple Studios

Finally the last shoot in the assignment, by contrast to the seasoned pro’s in the previous shoot, I thought it would be interesting to photograph a beginners dance class to see how that changed the dynamic and relationship especially when learning becomes part of the process.   A big thank you to Jenney @ A Taste of Tango and the group for their co operation.

February 28, 2011

Tea Dance @ Greenwich Dance Agency

My 2nd shoot for the ‘relationship’ assignment was a Tea Dance at GDA.  Being particularly interested in dance photography I thought this would be a good option for the assignment providing many opportunities for interaction.  Although these images are not necessarily ‘intimate’ shots I think some of them do illustrate ‘relationship’.  Here are my favourite images from the shoot.

February 28, 2011

A relationship with art

This set of photos for my ‘relationship’ assignment was the least successful of my 3 shoots.  Two other options fell through so this was a last minute alternative.  Its quite interesting how people relate to art……..Elliot Erwitt also plays with this theme and has shot some exceptional images on the subject.   I don’t think my images  are successful  as ‘relationship’ images, nor are they a patch on Erwitt’s but I quite like them as candid street photography images.

February 26, 2011

Face of 40

I’m still looking for 40 year olds to take part in a photo project I am doing.  If you are interested please get in touch and I would be grateful if you would spread the word to all your 40 yr old friends and family.  Thanks 🙂

February 20, 2011

West End in Colour

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February 20, 2011

West End in Black & White

February 14, 2011

Friday Evening, West End.

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February 14, 2011

On the street in the City

February 13, 2011

One New Change

Some images taken for the street photography assignment at the new shopping centre in the City.

February 12, 2011

When the sun comes out to play

All images shot around the City of London (2011).