i ♥ street photography

It seems fitting that my next assignment is on street photography as FORMAT Festival is about to show curated exhibitions and new commissions by leading international artists within the practice of street photography next month in Derby.  Its been a while since I’ve stalked the streets in a serious manner but I have to say I’m REALLY enjoying it…..i got the bug again!  I will post some of the new pics soon but I will leave you with an old one until then……

Florida, USA.


5 Comments to “i ♥ street photography”

  1. Hello Tracy, thanks, the links are very helpful. Especially the one “The ecstasy of street photography” and the information about the online project of flickr.com (every week’s instruction). Good luck with your pictures!

    • Thanks Christina – yes its an interesting article, especially the comments at the end………..kinda carrying on from our debate in the lecture with Paul the other day. Would have been useful to have read the comments first though lol.

  2. I forgot an e in your name. Sorry

  3. Like the photo tracey in this post,you have captured the people along with the sign just at the right moment,well done.Will work my way through your blog and looking forward to some more pics and a read,bye for now.


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