is this normal….

… be obsessed with people’s washing lines?

Benalup, Spain (March 2011).

7 Comments to “is this normal….”

  1. Who cares about ‘normal’? I like your washing line images very much. Daz-zling!


  2. sure ‘washing line’ rehab exists somewhere.. 😉 Making me jealous of the sunshine, you’re in the right place, its drab here! I’ve taken a fair few washing line shots in my time thought, what is it that appeals to us? Think it tells of everyday life but also its quite nostalgic for me too, brings back childhood memories for some reason. And of course, feelings of freshness and freedom, probably all those washing powder adverts – but interesting to think how commercial adverts influence our connotations

  3. Mmmmm…….washing line porn *rubs thighs in seedy way*.

    I like the washing lines very much. The first and last images in the post are my faves. Nice work!

  4. ha ha! Really like the first photo…

    Outside washing lines are pretty symbolic I think: a) they show the aesthetic tastes of other people & b) they show what people are happy with showing in public. It would be amazing if you found an ‘exhibitionist’s’ washing line and then contrasted that with a more reserved one for example…

    Thinking about it some more it would be quite interesting to see if you could photograph outside washing lines in gated communities, that could be rather quirky…

    I dunno I’m just rambling, but they are interesting aren’t they?!

    • Judging by all the comments I’m not alone lol…….phew that’s a relief! Maybe this is an interesting subject to explore?
      There’s definitely something voyeuristic about it though. Max, I think your suggestion about what the washing line reveals is brilliant. Swingers laundry would be funny (steady Dan)…..i will be looking out for pampers grass from now and and trying to photograph those washing lines in the suburbs…….so don’t be surprised if you read about me in the local news!
      Mark & Fjona I agree all that subliminal advertising has probably influenced the aesthetic.

  5. I like your motive. I would go on with it. Nice pictures. I know a women in a little village here in Greece who tries to put her clothes one by one on the washing line, in a correct order, first the large clothes, then the smaller ones. She always spends much time with it. It looks very organized and that is exactly what she likes to show to her neighbors: that she is a brilliant house women. Her daughter explained this to me, she was making jokes about her mother.

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