Happy Earth Day #2

Trees of all nationalities.

© Tracey Fahy Photography

3 Comments to “Happy Earth Day #2”

  1. A beautiful forest of world trees. Hope Earth Song has nothing to do with Earth Day. Jarvis! Mx

  2. I think its got everything to do with Earth Day….and my career too ; )

    What about the seas
    (What about us)
    The heavens are falling down
    (What about us)
    I can’t even breathe
    (What about us)
    What about the bleeding Earth
    (What about us)
    Can’t we feel its wounds
    (What about us)
    What about nature’s worth
    It’s our planet’s womb
    (What about us)
    What about animals
    (What about it)
    We’ve turned kingdoms to dust
    (What about us)
    What about elephants
    (What about us)
    Have we lost their trust
    (What about us)
    What about crying whales
    (What about us)
    We’re ravaging the seas
    (What about us)
    What about forest trails
    (ooo, ooo)
    Burnt despite our pleas
    (What about us)

  3. In fact, I’m gonna base a piece of work around the lyrics!
    Thanx for the inspiration M and the other M(ichael)

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