Parks project continues…

Such an amazingly sunny Easter weekend with weather warmer than the Mediterranean (and its only April!)  It seemed fitting to get back into my parks project after a short hiatus.  These are some of the images from the weekend.

If you haven’t already done so please sign and forward the petition to save Southwark Park…..remember London needs its parks!

Also just heard Hammersmith & Fulham have introduced a charge of £350 a year to fitness trainers who wish to use its parks……….totally outrageous!  Shouldn’t parks be free to the public?  You can read more here.

5 Comments to “Parks project continues…”

  1. Love the supergirl in the water. Some nice images. Is that pigeon picture 100 years old? One of the truly great things about London is its abundance of parks and quite a few seem to be under threat. I think Helen Mirren stepping in has possibly saved the one in Wapping from being dug up to make way for a super sewer.

  2. Thanks M. London does have a lot of parks but they are mostly in pretty affluent areas, deprived areas have less greenspaces and guess what the Torys want to close down another park in a deprived area! Good on Helen Mirren, she has to walk her dog somewhere : )

  3. I didn’t realise you were covering parks with this angle…have you placed it anywhere at all? As you mention above it’s pretty relevant to the ‘cuts’ era…

    Love the shot of the girls and the one with the superman t-shirt in the fountain – do you do that in a higher res? I’d quite like to check it out in a larger size…

    • Thanks Max, whats your email address i’ll send you a higher res version.
      Hadn’t really though about the project in this context either only as a blog post….but am looking to develop the greenspaces project so exploring different avenues at the mo…..who knows where it might end up? Before I was dealing with a landscape approach at the mo a more street photography style…..who knows where it will end!

  4. I’m, well wherever it goes I hope the closures due to the cuts angle is part of it cos it needs coverage!

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