Royal Wedding Madness!

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Just in case you haven’t had your overload of all the Royal Wedding mania – today, I was working spitting distance from Westminster Abbey which was a sight to behold before tomorrow’s spectacle.  What possesses people to camp outside for days, in a now COLD April, for such events?  Maybe the same thing that that drives me to take photos of other people’s washing lines(?) although you won’t catch me camping outside to do that!  Guess it makes for a interesting (10 minute) photo opportunity.

Tomorrow, the alternative wedding celebration….

2 Comments to “Royal Wedding Madness!”

  1. God our country went a bit crazy didn’t it? Really liking shot 2 and those women in their lovely hats at the end – some good examples of mad englishness!

  2. ha yeah a bit of an understatement althou Canada & USA probably worse!!
    I think most of the people in the shots are tourists…….obviously the surrounding amenities
    catering to the demand!
    I’m a bit worn out after all the street parties yesterday but have gotto go now and photograph another event…..keeps me out of trouble I guess.

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