Dancehall #2

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Tea Dance @ gDA, Greenwich Town Hall, 2011.

6 Comments to “Dancehall #2”

  1. That last shot is my favourite. It does a different job to the rest of the images and shows some of the anguish involved in the community which is something that I didn’t expect to see.

    It makes me question why is she like that? Where’s her partner? Who’s the loner in the background? It’s a very suggestive image, I like it…

  2. OMG Max, your comment has triggered an eureka moment……i think i finally understand what it is I do……i also have my discussion for essay & possibly for dissertation now…..all sounds dramatic but will explain all when i see you. Anyway THANK YOU!
    BTW you really LOOK at photographs don’t you…….I wish I had that skill!

  3. Also loving these dancehall images Tracey. Nice work!

  4. great images!! i enjoyed them very much

  5. Thank you Ella, Dan & Veronika : )

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