Dancehall #4….. Jive

Tea Dance, Blackheath Halls, London, 2011.

2 Comments to “Dancehall #4….. Jive”

  1. I like the first of these three the most as you have captured the couple on the left in a lovely mid-twirl shape. The other couple’s happy expressions on the right is nice too…

    Which period are these guys dancing in?! What’s a tea dance? I want to know more!

  2. Thanks Max, I like that shot too but I think I prefer the 2nd shot where the old ladies with the zimmer frame are framed by the couple dancing.

    So a jive is pre rock n roll which originated in the 30s in USA its a variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance. It was brought to the UK in 40s by American soldiers. In 1968 ‘jive’ was adopted as the fifth Latin dance in International competitions which is why these guys are doing it at the tea dance.

    A tea dance is a dance that happens in the afternoon and they usually serve tea & cakes.

    Happy to answer other questions : )

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