Tea Dance Portrait #3

Left: Maureen @ Tea Dance, Camden Centre.
Right: Nancy @ Tea Dance, Battersea Arts Centre. (2011).

7 Comments to “Tea Dance Portrait #3”

  1. lovely…really like these

  2. My fave is the first with the fan – her face, the fan, the light and the shadow behind her just mark this one out for me….

  3. wonderful, just so precious. have you been doing portraits throughout?

  4. i love the portraits series of the dancers, wonderful. can’t wait to see more!

  5. thanks guys for your comments………..thats thrown a bit of a spanner in the works – I’m not mad keen on the portraits and haven’t even put them in my final edit…….maybe I should rethink now as there seems to be more interest in them than the dancing images. Food for thought! Just need to figure out how to combine them as they’re not gelling together at present.
    @Veronika – Yes I have taken maybe a couple of portraits per dance of people that stood out from the crowd, these are some of the better ones.

  6. I love the lady with the fan too! Got her number as well??? Great image. She could almost be a villain of some sort. I know that’s a terrible thing to say 😉

  7. @Dan, you devil…I don’t have Maureen’s no. but I know where to track her down lemme know? I’ll have you know she suffers no fools……and she only likes men that know how to dance so you better get practicing ; )

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