Quote of the day:

In photography there is a new kind of plasticity, the product of instantaneous lines made by movements of the subject. We work in unison with movement as though it were a presentiment of the way in which life itself unfolds. But inside movement there is one moment at which the elements in motion are in balance. Photography must seize upon this moment and hold immobile the equilibrium of it.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Mind’s Eye.

3 Responses to “Quote of the day:”

  1. Hi Tracy, everything Henri Cartier-Bresson says is so up to the point. It would be nice if it were easier to use all his approaches in the way we take pictures. I find it extremely difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to be conscious about it, this is my first step.

  2. I agree Christina………….this quote totally sums up what I TRY to do in my work but I constantly have to keep reminding myself what it is I am doing as you do forget sometimes….if that makes sense?


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