Website Update!

I’ve added a few more projects to my website here.

4 Comments to “Website Update!”

  1. Tracey, your website is so nice and interesting. I like it very much. I remember some of the projects and now they look much more profesional in the way you present them. I hope to see more and more in the future.

  2. Thank you Christina, that’s v.kind. I think structurally it is a bit better. Just need some stronger projects to go on now! Hope your well?

  3. Hi, great to see your website – I notice you’ve produced several photo books – did you market them outside your website? They look interesting, very creative.

    • Thanks Jo. Most of the books are handmade as i’m into my bookbinding but i have published Tracey Loves Tokyo with Blurb although i only have photos of the handmade version not the blurb version on my website so its in their bookstore and they sell & print the book on my behalf but any marketing of the book I have do myself via blog/website/social media etc…..hope that answers your question?

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