Large Format Photography

Robin, 2011.

This is my first attempt using a large format camera….the movements on the camera make for an interesting effect.

8 Comments to “Large Format Photography”

  1. Like this Tracey really makes me want to try large format photography its been on the long list for a long time. This looks really nice did you do your own processing?

  2. Thanks Graham……Robin (the guy in the portrait) developed the film at home. I would definately recommend trying large format – I’m sure Max will back me up here!

    @Max, i’m looking forward to seeing your images once you have them scanned!

  3. Its 5×4 Graham.

    LF is hard work (loading film, size, price of processing etc), medium format is much easier but the quality is much superior on the larger format. Its a very disciplined way of working.

    I am thinking of selling my Hasselblad kit as I never use it……..i could have sold it to you!! How are you finding it?

    • Truth be told I’m not using it much – I bought a polaroid back but of course the image on the polaroid is only 120 square so results are not that impressive. I haven’t got my darkroom set up at home yet but may be able to get access to one locally so that might mean I can shoot more over the winter. I’ve been doing some work recently on my old 35mm OM1n and really, really enjoying it. Its much more exciting than digital (as you know)
      I’ve been making some good progress on the book with Downs Syndrome Scotland willing to support it if I can get it done by next year. I was looking for inspiration on a layout and saw Susan Meiselas Carnival Strippers. Ok couldn’t be any further from my subject matter but then she has split the book into editorial type shots and then portraits. maybe the approach is to look at large format for portraits???? Stills Gallery, Edinburgh have a Hasselblad scanner and you can rent access to their darkrooms and production suite. Too many ideas and too little time……………

  4. The portraits from the Hassleblad will be good quality (and you should do some test prints from the scanner) but LF will be super quality depends on how large you want to print them? I think the process of taking LF portraits makes the experience of having a portrait taken different and results in quite an intense portrait….if that makes sense? More a Taylor Wessing style portrait lol. Glad to hear you have been making good progress with your project – make sure your get it done by next year!!

    @Veronika………thanks 😀

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