It’s cold outside…

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7 Comments to “It’s cold outside…”

  1. Very good work Tracey. Shame you couldn’t get somebody dancing out there. Speak soon. Mx

  2. Cheers M! Are you volunteering? 😉
    Snowy where you are?

  3. I agree, awesome photos!

  4. Thanks Ged 🙂 I hope its warmer where you are.

  5. aaaah. its almost gone now. what a shame….

  6. Love the floral-car shot, Fahy.
    Were you not tempted to get out there yourself?! I did a snow angel last night, which prompted my friend to rename me Richard ‘Shit Snow Angel’ English.

    • hmmm lemme think about it..its warm in here and cold out there….no i was not tempted to go out 😉 possibly (like you) alcohol would help lol.

      I’m liking your new show business name……..its all coming together.

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