PROVOKE | Daido Moryiama

© Daido Moriyama. Selection of images from the Provoke era.

2 Comments to “PROVOKE | Daido Moryiama”

  1. Crackin stuff Tracey – just started getting into Moriyama – they re released A Hunter recently and its a very cool wee book – I know you are interested in how work is presented and I really like the touch and feel of the book. Interesting paper, full bleed and a great size. The format restricts view of photos but then that plays to the whole idea of it being a journey of discovery and so maybe we are not meant to dwell on the pictures too long?

  2. Thanks Graham. I haven’t seen the new version of A Hunter but will go and check it out as it sounds fantastic…yes I’m a big fan of the photobook..especially Japanese photobooks!

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