Shishi-Odori | Deer Dance

Oshu Kanatsu-Ryu Shishi-Odori Dance Troupe perform @ Bernie Spain Gardens, London (2012).

Shishi-Odori is a popular folk performing art in the Tohoku (north-east) region of Japan, an area struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake last year.

In the performance, dancers beat a taiko drum hung at the waist, wear carved wooden shishi-gashira (deer mask) adorned with real deer horns and carry long sasara on their backs. Handed down from generation to generation, Shishi-Odori is performed as both a way of expressing respect towards nature and praying for the repose of ancestors’ souls.

6 Responses to “Shishi-Odori | Deer Dance”

  1. Nice images with great composition!

  2. Liking image four – great sense of colour and movement.

  3. Thanks for the comments Derek and Richard 🙂

    @Derek, I hope you are well and shooting lots of images for the Big Projection in October? Not long now!

  4. would have loved to see this. wonderful colours – i love picture 2… some ganesh in there.


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