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January 2, 2013

New Dawn | New Year

New Dawn | New Year

October 19, 2012

The Duet of the Body and the City

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These photos are from the above named practical workshop, run by Beatrice Jarvis & Dr Bob Jarvis, exploring the city as stimulus and studio which was run as part of  UrbanPhotoFest.   Investigating how can the body become a reflective mechanism for the experience of the body in the city? How far can the city be shaped and moulded by the actions and reactions of the body?

The workshop explored how photography and choreography can be used as tools to map and interact with the activity of the city. Working from a series of choreographic scores; we explored 3 sites around Truman’s Brewery and formed a short series of interventions and spatial reflections forming a series of photographic works collaboratively and individually. The session brought together photographers, sociologists, choreographers, architects, town planners, artists, film makers and those with a keen interest for urban space investigation for a reflective, active and constructive series of actions and dialogs.  Urban space effectively became a live laboratory during this workshop to play, discover and create.

There were 10 participants on the course and we each had to submit 24 photos so 10 people | 10 stories | one route.  This is my submission – I am trying to move between observer and participant in the experience.  I wonder if it shows in the photos?

The city is choreography of life and it can be used as resource for artistic practice; it can form a productive and substantial input for the creative mind. The motifs of human form repeat on the streets, to be observed, interpreted, or simply left in their flux. Crescendos and diminuendos of the bustling street rise and fall with the breath of the city, a living organism, which one can walk upon, in, beside and amongst.


February 5, 2012

It’s cold outside…

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