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January 26, 2011

People @ Work 2

Jon Spencer – Last Maker @ Foster & Son

Jermyn Street London (Jan 2011).

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My next stop was the workshop of Foster & Son on Jermyn St where the shoes are handmade above the shop.  This photoshoot wasn’t quite so fast paced as keeping up with Gemma at ENB.  My only issue with this shoot was space and working with the wrong lens for the size of the room, again, a wider lens would have been much more useful but I quite like some of the close up shots I took.   A few images have a sense of the workshop space but I was pretty much backed up against the wall to get these shots but it was a great place to take photos with lots of exquisite shoes and interesting bits and pieces all over the place.  On some of the images, where there was some movement, a faster asa would have been beneficial but I’m quite happy with these images overall.

January 26, 2011

People @ Work 1

Gemma Spice, Wardrobe @ English National Ballet

Romeo & Juliet @ Coliseum, London (Jan 2011).

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Here is a breakdown of each shoot:

The main problem with this shoot was the restriction on aperture.  This was a very fast paced shoot and 400asa was not adequate for some of the low lighting images on the stage and the fast pace of the quick changes backstage and Gemma doing the laundry – did I mention the assignment was manual focus too?  So struggled with some of the technical issues here plus the shoot would have been much easier with a wider lens (ideally 24mm).  I would say this shoot was the least successful out of all 3 assignments for the above-mentioned reasons.

January 25, 2011

First assignment – People @ Work

Gemma Spice - Wardrobe @ English National Ballet

Caitlin Barrow, Paxton & Whitfield, Jermyn Street, London

Jon Spencer - Last Maker @ Foster & Son, Jermyn Street, London

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