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May 26, 2011

An enchanting place

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Agios Pavlos, Crete 2011.

Agios Pavlos is a remote coastal village close to Agia Galini in the south of Crete; a place where you are woken by the sound of cockerels at dawn, the water supply is fresh spring water from the mountains plus several miles of unspoiled beaches.   I first went there 10 yrs ago to YogaPlus and met my good friend Cushla.  She went back to work a season the following year and met her husband Bruce who was a guest at the time.  They then went back to work, as a couple, the following year and subsequently returned to Agios Pavlos for their honeymoon a few years later….this place holds special meaning for them.  This month we all returned again to Agios Pavlos including their two young children……all of us connected by place.

February 28, 2011

A relationship with art

This set of photos for my ‘relationship’ assignment was the least successful of my 3 shoots.  Two other options fell through so this was a last minute alternative.  Its quite interesting how people relate to art……..Elliot Erwitt also plays with this theme and has shot some exceptional images on the subject.   I don’t think my images  are successful  as ‘relationship’ images, nor are they a patch on Erwitt’s but I quite like them as candid street photography images.